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Arrowroot powder is ideal as a replacement for the use of talc

Latexstruempfe anziehe

Arrowroot powder is ideal as a replacement for the use of talc in connection with latex clothing

Arrowroot as a substitute for talc in latex clothing / special latex stockings

After 9 years of using the talc alternative, we can say never talc again… Arrowroot beats talc by far.

As an engineer, I suffer from a kind of incurable occupational disease – the infestation of crazy ideas of varying degrees of meaning. So the question about alternatives to talc came to me. A solution was found in the kitchen, but more on that later.

First, to friend talc: Talc is suggested – or suggested – to be harmful due to the traces of fibrous components it contains. The stories are well known and I don’t need to go into them.

Despite all the rumors out there, it never hurts to look for alternatives. There are some, but they are not really satisfactory. Well, you can also use silicone oil as a dressing aid or as a release agent during storage. It’s okay for the latter, but I don’t like using it as an aid to putting on stockings because it’s very slippery on the feet, even when used sparingly. However, personal feeling is crucial here. What is suitable for me can definitely make someone else uncomfortable – or vice versa.

Cornmeal was also used as an alternative to talc – on a large scale in the production of latex gloves. What then turned out was that cornmeal bound the allergens and initially promoted the development of the well-known latex allergy.

Searching online doesn’t really bring any results either. But the solution was found in a common place: the kitchen. Actually, there should be a natural binding agent for homemade yogurt. And then the conversation came up: arrowroot powder! An ideal partner, I could believe. Suitable as a powder base for allergy sufferers, as a remedy for the natives of Brazil against the poison of poison arrows (hence the name arrowroot)

If I’m already sitting at the source for latex stockings, then a possible experimental victim can’t be of any further importance? Thought: done! The first attempt with the organic arrowroot powder exceeded all expectations. Great thing that works.

Attention: I give no guarantee that arrowroot powder is harmless as a lubricant and release agent for latex clothing!!! IT IS NOT A GENERAL STATEMENT THAT ARROWROOT POWDER CAN NEVER CAUSE allergic reactions. Before trying: please study the sources yourself and try arrowroot powder. These attempts are at your own risk.

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