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Handmade Run-resistant ff seamed stockings

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Run-resistant ff seamed stockings ‚Sanda‘ – 40den | Made to measure |

These stockings are a handmade product made in Europe by using high quality fabric and yarn made in Europe. Fabric and yarn according the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

I sew individually according to your leg measurements with an original stocking sewing machine from the 50s. The seamline is 100% identical to the original 50th ff seamed stockings. The seam is real, it holds the stocking together and the key hole is real as well. My stockings are by no means the same as the Asian fake fully fashioned seamed stockings with fake keyholes.

In their design, they are inspired by the ff stockings, the stockings have the original ff nylons as a double welt and a key hole. What differs from the old nylons: the fabric. Here are my stockings goes with time, you’ll find no 100% nylon, but a blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. It gives these stockings something more extensibility. However, they could not be persuaded to a wrinkle-free fit – the typical folding of the stockings nylons show as well. So this is not a quality defect, but my stockings want to be like their originals;-).

The fabric is fine , it’s only slightly glossy and stands in the leg by a uniform density forth. On the strength of the stockings are approximately 40 denier. Especially in these seamed stockings is the durability and the very low tendency to laddering or pulled threads.
As an endurance test as you can with nail scissors pierce a hole in the stockings – then pull the fabric in all directions and it will hardly run a run.

For the stockings suspenders are absolutely suitable.

To take your measurements, you should call your self a tape measure and does not shy away from the difficulty of measuring.


It’s not possible to sew stockings with Point- Cuban- Havanna heel or reinforced toe / sole.

black stockings

  • black seam
    red seam
    yellow seam
    pink seam
    brown seam
    dark – gray seam

other colors of seam possible

These stockings are handmade in Sweden


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