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FF seamed Stockings, Cobalt Blue Heels

    • Vintage original ff seamed stockings with cuban heels and stockings welt
    • 100% Polyamid
    • 15 den
    • Black seam
    • Cobalt blue cuban heel
    • Tan stockings
    • Small stockings size 9, shoes size EU 37
    • Laddered efter shooting

This pair of stockings are laddered!

These stockings were worn during a client foto shooting. We took photos according to customer specifications. Model and photos were ordered by the customer, after the shoot the stockings are for sale. The stockings have so far been unwashed.

Unfortunately, no further photos are available according to the specifications of our customer.

Packing charges and shippingcosts are included, no hidden suprises once you’ve made your selection.

I will send the stockings to you by mail in a neutral envelope.

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